Greetings, Internet!

And so the story begins. This is my shiny new blog. First of all, thanks for reading. Really appreciate it. If you ever want to leave a comment, then please do! It sometimes gets very lonely here at notyournormal HQ.


So, about me: I’m nearly 30, I need a haircut, I’m the youngest of 4. I also like all sorts of crafting (especially with yarn. Ooh, I do loves me a bit of yarn), making music, writing, and drinking tea. Big advocate of Oxford comma. From time to time, I may post about more general various things that are relevant to my life. But most of the time, it will be fluffy posts about crochet and sea-lions!


This was a bit of a dull introduction, so I’ll write a blog post proper… in a minute… (That’s me, by the way)Image

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