Flash bang wallop – what a picture


In March (yes, ages ago, I know) I attended a photography and creative writing workshop at Central St Martins, London. Being honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the photography side so much. I’m much more at home with words. Even when I was doing my Art A-Level, lots of my work was word based. So, 50% of this course will be grand, I thought. All I have to do is grin and bear the photography parts.



Boy, was I wrong!



I *loved* it. Loving something, of course, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily any good at said thing, but I had a blast. I just enjoyed seeing I could frame the world, and the interplay of colours. I don’t know how to work the expensive camera I excitedly bought (these photos were taken on my mobile), and I’ve looked up things like bokeh and the rule of three etc. Still haven’t a scooby, but it turns out I just really really really like taking photos. And what’s so wrong with that?



Anyway, here goes. Cue photos…


DSCF1343 DSCF1346 DSCF1351 egg1 fish ghost1 green louboutins photo 3 tea1 wasabi window2 boots chair4

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