La Dolce Vita

That’s right guys and gals, I’m in sunny Italy! I’m blogging from the cafe with the free wifi, sipping my caffe and munching on cornetto marmalata – basically caffeine fix, with orange jam pastry. The life here is good. Of course, I already knew that, having studied in Brescia a few years ago. Brescia, while still not a tourist attraction, was a fairly big town and so had all the essentials like a bizarre milk-vending-machine-shop-type-thing; supermarket; Fascist square where Mussolini would deliver his rants; haberdasheries (3 of these. Yes, 3! Count ‘em!) and a mid 17th century convent, complete with nuns, where I lived for the year. To say it was slightly wonderful would be an understatement. Having grown up on Jennings, St Claire’s and a multitude of various other obscure boarding school stories, I was thrilled. It was like Malory Towers! We had a matron figure (Sister Giovanna), and midnight feasts! Well, midnight drinking sessions. But there was an inherent naughtiness about it that just fills my schoolgirlish heart with delight.

I digress. I’m in Gugliarmo, near Pescara, which doesn’t have anywhere to buy any wool. That aside, it’s a decent place. I joke, obviously. It’s more than decent. It’s pure bliss. I walk around beaming at everyone and saying “buon giorno” and they all smile and say “buon giorno” back at me! Can you imagine walking around Croydon, smiling for a start, but saying “good morning” to everyone? It would not happen. You’d get people protectively pulling their children towards them, while they grimace at you, and say “you stay with me, darling, hold mummy’s hand, there’s a good girl”. Or similar. 

And everyone’s so understanding of my mistakes. Trying to get a new steak knife yesterday, I accidentally ordered a teaspoon. The waiter knew what I meant, we all had a good giggle, and a steak knife did indeed appear. So no harm done. And I was dead chuffed with myself for remembering any piece of cutlery, even if it was completely useless. 

All in all, a brilliant time being had by all (i.e. me, mum, dad). Not even my sunburnt back can detract from marvellousness of this place. Anyway. To the photos!

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