Recently, during my photographic splurge, I have been finding myself more and more drawn towards black and white images. There’s just something so appealing about them that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it reminds me of the ancient telly we had, which you had to twiddle knobs to get a grainy picture. Maybe it harkens back to my schooldays, when all photography was developed by hand, and was ONLY black and white. Maybe I’m just thinking of Sam Spade, sitting in his office – glass of Bacardi in one hand, fag in the other – listening to some femme fatale pour out her story in 1940s downtown San Fran. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage.

Whatever it is, I just like things in black and white. With various shades of grey. A good motto for life.

One thought on “Noir

  1. MMC says:

    …or maybe it makes you think of the Original Game Boy, where black and three shades of grey-green was plenty enough for a hand-held video game. Who knows?


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