Ciao a tutti! Come stai? As you can probably tell, I have come back from another one of my exciting jaunts to climates foreign, this time: Sardegna, Italia! In other words, I have been to Sardine Isle, aka Sardinia. Interestingly, Sardinia is not actually named after the fish. And I ate no sardine out there. Tru fakt.

What I did do in Sardinia was drink plenty of the local vino. I (accidentally) went on a private wine tour with some wine-soaked guide who kept on quaffing glass after glass, only punctuated by his saying: “I shouldn’t really, I’m driving”. I have never met anyone so blasé with a steering wheel before, and I’m not sure I ever want to again, if I’m being honest.

Sadly, I DIDN’T TAKE MY CAMERA WITH ME and my phone ran out of battery and wouldn’t charge. So no photos, ‘m ‘fraid.

But still, ho parlato Italian. I ate the best pizza in the world, ever, and drank my body weight in the local liqueur. All in all, a good week!

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