It’s a wrap!

Happy World Mental Health Day, everybody! It’s a shame we don’t get presents and cake, but never mind. Next year, I’m going to insist on balloons, at the very least.

Speaking of happy, I should probably add a little happy to my blog. It’s been a bit depressing lately, what with OCD and not going to the toilet, so here’s something that makes me very happy: crochet! I learnt to knit while I was at university, and I still like knitting – don’t get me wrong – but CROCHET!

It;s so quick! And so versatile! And you can do more than one project at once! I learnt to crochet a couple of years ago, and have been happily hooking ever since. Here are some of my (mostly unfinished) creations:


IMG_4465 Slipper


IMG_4722Some Tunisian crochet


IMG_4712 Houndstooth scarf.

IMG_4726Wavy ocean scarf.

IMG_4728My first attempt at intarsia. If you can work out what it is, I’ll be very impressed!

IMG_4716Half of a tea cosy.

IMG_4718Surprisingly cosy handwarmers

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