A Quick Round-Up

This post is a very meeeeeee-centric self-indulgent one, but it’s my blog, so I don’t care. It is, as it says on the tin, just a quick recap of my October so far. Here goes:

– My creative writing course starts next week! I’m very excited. I very nearly did a Masters this year in Norwich, but didn’t for reasons far too tedious to go into.

– My illustration course is going very well. I made a terrifying bunny last week. Think Donnie Darko bunny, just not quite as sweet and fluffy. I would post some of my coursework, but it isn’t actually very interesting, very finished, or very near me right now. So here are some old drawings wot I dun. I know they’re never going to win the Kate Greenaway Medal, but I enjoyed doing them. So there

.68480_10100780281189019_87910227_n 63764_10100780281598199_1238804048_n 1555288_10101286342368359_2029797632_n 1601173_10101305714960529_732185758_n 1535498_10101305712919619_1129471560_n 1526201_10101286342158779_1186733913_n 1656068_10101313884304099_1860134014_n 63147_10100780280704989_2012048286_n 1510894_10101286342163769_1103819324_n

– My ocean scarf was too big, so I have unravelled it and started again. It is much narrower, and is working up a treat. Expect a picture next week.

– As I’ve mentioned, I find reading quite difficult, so I’ve been relying on the Audible app to entertain myself. I’m currently listening to the new Poirot book by Sophie Hannah. It’s called “The Monogram Murders” and is just brilliant. I’m not going to say that I prefer it to any of the ones written by Chrsitie herself (‘organic Poirot’, I suppose), but it really is spellbinding. Mystery upon mystery upon mystery, beautifully written and outrageously fiendish. Two big thumbs up.

– I got a twitter, instagram and Facebook page for my blog! Check me out: https://www.facebook.com/notyournormaldotcim – yes, I spelt ‘com’ wrong. I’m trying to change it…


Follow me!

– Also, it rained.

10703526_10101685051761539_6334795873320808240_n 1488001_10101685051756549_3636643354266797947_o 10645252_10101685425497569_3123070896465427680_n


Apologies for dull post, will update proper soon.

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