Panic! At the bus stop

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what to blog about next. Since Christmas Day, when I posted some photos, all sots of interesting stuff has happened. My brother had major heart surgery, and I was convinced convinced convinced he would die (he didn’t. He’s ok) and it would somehow be my fault.

What else has happened? I was talking to a teacher at my school (where I work) about bullying, where I revealed I was horribly bullied by a PE teacher at school. Her name was Charlene Sumner, I think she came from East Anglia, and she was the closest to evil I have ever come.

Possibly the biggest event to happen is my death. For I really thought I had died. It was last Monday, and I had a heart attack. I’m sure I did. I’ve had a heart attack every day since then, at around the same time, leaving me sweaty and breathless and nauseous with pins and needles in my fingertips.

As you can imagine, I have not felt like writing anything, being as what I thought I was dying. I think they are panic attacks, but I am having tests on Monday, so we’ll find out then.


Sorry for







the long








in posting.

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