(One of) My Only Vice(s)


I love it, I love it, I love it. Ever since Paperchase apologised for their ocd handwash, I feel like I can go shopping in there again, and boy is it a joy.

I saw this flamingo notebook in there a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been burning a hole in my brain ever since. So yesterday, I went and bought it. So there.

I also bought a green memo pad. It has triangles on the pages, so I’ve done nothing with my memo pad yet except colour in triangles with my trusty yellow Lamy Safari (I love proper pens).

img_2322-1Maybe I should do a proper inventory of all my notebooks at some time. I used to be very into moleskines and I’ve got about a dozen of those knocking around. Be prepared to be amazed at the sheer volume of notebooks if I do!

I’m also baking a cake at the moment. I wanted to make French fancies, but now have realised I don’t have half of the equipment, so it’s just going to be a regular sponge. BUT NEXT TIME, I will to Lakeland and stock up and wow you all with my baking! …but not this time.

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