Cotton Pads

I don’t often wear makeup, but when I do, I always make sure to remove it before bed. I wear face masks quite a lot and so get through cotton pads at quite a rate.

I’m also interested in trying to be as green as possible, so when I chanced upon some cotton yarn in my stash that was going nowhere, I decided to make my own. It was surprisingly easy!

I made a chain they can stay on, which can be hung up, and the pad can be pulled off the bottom. I only made seven (one for each day of the week, clever) but accidentally made the chain very long so I’ll have to make some more so it looks less… ‘empty’.

If you want to make your own, they’re very quick. All you need is cotton yarn, and I used a 4mm hook, but whatever your yarn says will be fine.

1. Chain 6, join to make a ring.

2. Chain 3, 11 treble (double if you’re American) into the ring. (12 stitches)

3. Chain 3, treble (double) into same space, 2 trebles (doubles) into each stitch around. (24 stitches)

4. Chain 3, 2 trebles (doubles) into next stitch, 1 treble (double) into next stitch all the way around. (36 stitches)

And you’re done!

For the chain, it was a lot of trial and error. I eventually ended up chaining 3, then doing 2 trebles. After that, I chained for as long as I thought would look good, then used a slip knot to make the loop. Easy!

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