Cumberland Road

So, I’ve done it. I’ve moved! I’m living with my boyfriend! Bye bye old house in Bromley, hellooooo new gaff… also in Bromley. But a different part. I now live on Cumberland Road. How exciting is that?

We’re still unpacking bits and bobs, and we haven’t even put the bed up yet (that sofa bed is mighty comfy though), so I haven’t got much to show, but here are some photos of what we’ve got so far.

Tea and radio. Very important stuff.
These plants haven’t died! …yet
Washing up after a bit of a lonely meal, as boyfriend isn’t here tonight. Waah!
Funky tiles part 1 (these are in the kitchen)
Funky tiles part 2 (bathroom)
You spin me right round…
We even have a landline! Old skool!

We’re going to paint some of the flat, and eventually get some essentials bits like, oh I don’t know, AN ACTUAL BED, but that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll post more photos soon of the progress, watch this space!

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