A few years ago, I went to the Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace. I had a whale of a time and came skipping out with far too much yarn, and not enough time to use it up. I’m still getting through it, about 3 years later! Anyway, one yarn I was very pleased to acquire was by Habu Textiles, and was a silk-wrapped paper yarn.


I bought three balls, entirely without a pattern in mind. Never mind, something will come up. Well, I could find knitting patterns for Habu, but not crochet ones. So I put the yarn in my Box of No Return and forgot all about it.


When one of my friends said she was having a socially-distanced picnic for her birthday, I suddenly remembered my Habu yarn! I dug it out, and wondered what to make with it. While I was researching patterns, I idly chained a length. I wondered if a simple mesh would work, so I did a few rows, and you know what? It really did!

Successful experiment

And away I went! In no time, I had a fully-fledged scarf!

Please excuse my face and my hair.

Unfortunately, I gave the scarf away before I could get a good quality picture of it, which I’m annoyed with myself about, but never mind. Because the scarf is made of a linen/paper mix, it has a beautiful drape. It can also hold its shape, and be manipulated into other shapes, so I had fun scrunching it up, and then relaxing it.


So there it is. The story of some sad little balls of yarn, all alone and forgotten, and how they were resurrected into a glorious, draping scarf. And my friend really liked it!

The full range of Habu yarn can be found at http://www.habutextiles.com, but there are local UK stockists too.

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