Double Trouble

One of my friends has just had twins! Eeeek, twice the crochet! I’m still slogging my way through the two crochet blankets, but I’m seeing them tomorrow. How can I see them when they don’t have something homemade? Then I had a genius idea! Earlier this lockdown, I sent for a punch needle kit that I saw on instagram. I made a quite respectable lighthouse.

Pretty darn good, I thought

I gave it to my dad, who likes lighthouses, and he was very pleased with it. Considering it had only taken a couple of evenings, I wondered if I could repeat the process. And I did!

The finished article

The twins are called Noah (Noah’s ark, easy) and Rory (…harder). Anyway, I decided to make Rory a tiger because they’re roar-y.

The beginning
Back view

I like the way the back of the punch needle looks. If I’d been clever, I could have used it to make a lion for Rory… never mind.


Not bad for ONE evening’s work! The next day, I went to Tiger (I love Tiger), and bought two ready-stretched canvases. Then I removed the canvas and stapled the embroidery on the frame. I’m pretty pleased with myself, and hope they like them!

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