And Then There Were Nuns

Blast from the past! My essay on my year in an Italian convent, which was included in the Leeds University prospectus. When I first learned about the chance to spend a year of my course in Italy, it struck me as a opportunity that was too good to miss. Not only would I be able… Read more And Then There Were Nuns

Some quick wips

What’s a wip? Well, obviously, it’s a Work I Progress. I have so many of these at the moment! And they’re all baby related! Everyone is having a baby! Or two. Anyway, here’s some projects I’ve had on the go. Textured baby blankets. I’ve now finished the pink one. So that’s what’s on my (many)… Read more Some quick wips

Flamingo Land

When I was a student, I lived not too far from Flamingo Land. I really wanted to go (I love flamingos! I love land!) but owing to the fact that no one had a car and we were all skint, it remained a pipe dream. UNTIL NOW! As I’ve mentioned, my boyfriend is a roller-coaster… Read more Flamingo Land

Double Trouble

One of my friends has just had twins! Eeeek, twice the crochet! I’m still slogging my way through the two crochet blankets, but I’m seeing them tomorrow. How can I see them when they don’t have something homemade? Then I had a genius idea! Earlier this lockdown, I sent for a punch needle kit that… Read more Double Trouble


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